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TERMS OF RETURN You are not satisfied with your purchase or the size you ordered is not the right one? You can return the item without having used it within 10 days from the date of receipt of the product. The return is completely free in case of item exchange, by contacting our customer care will be provided all the information for the return procedure. Follow the instructions listed below and if all the information is correct, we will issue immediately RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE which you will need to return the pack and make the change or get the refund as soon as possible. Refund of item made will be made within 30 days of receipt of the merchandise.
1) RETURN TO " CHANGE ITEM OR REFUND " To get the return should be verified with the following requirements :

The head must not have been worn or tried absolutely, the conditions should be the same as when it was shipped and
● The return must be made within 10 days from delivery date.
● must be packed in an orderly manner.
● The tamper seal, formed according to the product of:
    1) a metal cord red placed inside a clip of red, showing the logo and serial number of progressive
    2) adhesive strip of red showing the logo and serial number of progressive
    must be intact and not removed from the head.
● The original labels of the head must be intact and attached to the garment. Removing the label will not be accepted.
● The head must not have been washed or damaged in any way, and no part of it.
● Contact a service rendered to the email address indicated resi@luxury888.it with the motivation for the return.
● Fill in the form for return which will be emailed to you along with the return authorization code and should be emailed to
   you. If the form has been completed correctly will be authorized the return.e.

The request for the codes of the items you wish to return and the type of return you want:
● item exchange
● color change
● change size
● refund

If parcels are delivered without the return authorization form, these will be rejected automatically. The return of the heads must be received at the offices of LUXURY888 within 10 days of sending the email from Customer Support office. All returned merchandise will be inspected on return. The inspection and the same goods are at the sole discretion of LUXURY888 and the goods must conform to all the " CONDITIONS OF RETURN ". If these conditions have not been met LUXURY888 offer you the option of re-accept the goods back at your expense.
LUXURY888 strictly prohibits the return of underwear, swimwear and down jackets or any item which contains feathers.

If upon receipt the customer finds that the merchandise received is defective, the customer must follow the same procedures for the return of the previously listed above. LUXURY888 will pay the postage for the return of the goods while reserving the right to request photographic evidence  before authorizing the return. In case of return for defective goods, the shipment of the items will be in exchange for free.
LUXURY888 reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns and to inspect and assess the condition of the returned goods, establishing, in case there were any problems, additional charges may be required in the re- sale of the garments made . All garments are made subject to inspection by LUXURY888 and must comply with all of the parameters listed in the return process. If the returned items successfully pass the inspection, the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail by the Client.
Product exchange or replacement
If you wish to change the size, color or the item you purchased  you can change it at no additional cost. For countries outside the European Union or subject to customs fees and charges, eventual customes fees and costs are charged to the customer. We'll ship the new item for free.
Receiving a refund
In case of a refund request, Luxury888 is responsible for all return shipping costs. On the contrary Customer is responsible for any import duties, taxes and customs fees. This amount will be deducted from Customer's refund. 
The refund will be made by Luxury888 and will be visible on your account within 30 days from date of issue..