Son of immigrants in Argentina, the 37-years old Italian based Marcelo Burlon is now a very ecleptic name in the fashion industry. 
He came to fashion from different backgounds. Working as a model and PR in the Marche discos he reached international success in a very short time.
PR, stylist, photographer, art director, thanks to his endless verve he gained tons of followers, especially among those who love latin and punk music.
Since he founded the County of Milan brand many magazines (from the New York Times to the French Numerò Homme) have celebrated his creative genius.
The original intent was to sell 1000/2000 t-shirts. After several collections the number has grown to 120.000, making the brand achieve great success.
Inspite of all, Burlon has never thought of himself as a stylist. His aim has always been to express through his collections a multi-culti blender of music, nightlife and traditional influences of his homeland.
In his last collection Marcelo approaches clothing as a blank canvas on which he paints iconographic elements and messages from different cultures.
Drawing Mapuches crosses from Patagonia and esoteric symbols Marcelo creates his own multicultural simbology, experiencing great success all over the world.






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Even fashion will have its own space at Expo 2015. In fact, inside the exhibition in a special area ssigned to Excelsior and OVS brands, Marcelo Burlon and Elio Fiorucci will present their new collections.